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2016年9月16日に発売。モデル番号は1660, 1778で GSM かCDMA があり。/ 32、128、 256 GB / 色はローズゴールド、ゴールド、シルバー、ブラック、ジェットブラック

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Wrong iPhone diagnostic test result from Apple support?

So recently I contacted Apple support online and they offered me to do a diagnostic test for my iPhone. My initial thought was there's something wrong with the speakers (because the bottom speaker area tend to get warm when in use), but the result showed that my bluetooth sensor is having a problem. But it fact my bluetooth works perfectly fine, and so does the wi-fi (I'm assuming that the bluetooth and wi-fi is in one card?). Could someone explain this? Should I ask for replacement regarding that my device still works fine? If that eventually they'll have to replace the bluetooth sensor, will they replace only the sensor, the logic board, or the whole device? Thank you!

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They will replace the whole device. If it was me, I'd ask for a swap ASAP. Heat = short = board level repairs.



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Heat is normal unless the battery life becomes unacceptably short or it heats up even idling.

It is an electronic device, not an air conditioner. It is expected to generate heat instead of chilling things down.


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