Epson Stylus NX420 All-in-One Printer, identified by model number C11CA80201.

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Black ink has spaces in lines, color prints fine.

My Epson Stylus NX420 black ink has spaces (banding) in the lines when printed. I've replaced the cartridge 2 times, run multiple nozzle checks and head cleanings. It did not correct the problem. I also printed out a large .25" x 9" inch solid black box to find out what looks like on a larger scale. Here is a picture (or look below):

Someone said that a nozzle is clogged or not firing.

How do I fix &/or clean/unclog the nozzle.

Thank you for you help in advance!

Block Image

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Generally, you will need to run the nozzle cleaning routine several times. Compare the previous block print with the current one after nozzle cleaning to see if it is improving. This is a problem with ink jet printers, the ink dries on the nozzle and makes gaps.

One other place to check is the contacts between the cartridge and the cartridge carrier, a little bit of dried in will break contact. This can be cleaned with a damp lint free cloth or use a cotton swab, do not use paper towel because it can leave paper fibers that will stick to places hard to clean.

Update (03/24/2017)

Here is a link to one seller who has a cleaner kit: There are other resources, this is an example. I haven't tried cleaning the print head on this model, I do not have an opinion for this seller and recommend doing research to make sure this is what you can use for the cartridge/print head problem.


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Thank you DrGlowire. I've run the nozzle cleaner and head cleaner more than 12 times over the last 3 days.

Do/ Have you (or anyone else) ever used printer cleaning solution (liquid in a bottle) on the NX 420, and had successful results?




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