CD Player won't read any discs

I have an Aiwa model CSD-FD91U boombox. It was made in September of 2000 according to the sticker on the back. Recently, it hasn't played CDs I put in it. The player still plays tapes well, the radio still works, and the speakers sound great, but I cannot get compact discs to play. Every time I close the lid, the disc tries to spin up, and the laser "eye" moves around a little inside the player. After a second it stops again, and then starts. It does this a few times, then stops finally without playing anything. On the screen, it flashes "1" like it's trying to play track one on the disc but when it can't it goes back to saying the default 0 tracks and 00:00. It acts exactly the same way whether a disc is inserted or not, so I think it's not recognizing the disc. I tried polishing the lens, but that didn't do anything. I read some guides and stuff in other places online and it looked like either the motor or the laser failed, based on what people were saying about their problems, but I could use some help ascertaining whether that is true for my case.

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It sounds like the laser is bad. I assume you've tried other discs.

You can actually buy a battery operated CD player, and plug it in to the auxiliary connection in the back and listen to CDs that way.

For the time and effort to diagnose and change/repair the motor/laser, this may be the easiest workaround.


Unfortunately it doesn't look like my boombox has an auxiliary port on it.