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Banded colors and lines on the LCD Display

I have a first generation MacBook Pro with an Intel Core Processor. The display has started to fail and will only render the image on one half of the display while the other half of the display is a solid band of white light. Squeezing the display housing on the left hand side will force the display to snap back into shape and render the full screen correctly. Releasing the bevel causes the screen to go half and half again. The computer hasn't had any physical damage done to it such as dropping or liquid spills. IT will push video to an external display and work fine so I know the issue is in the Display panel somewhere. What is the best quess on what part is failing and what I would need to purchase in order to repair the ailing machine.

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On this MBP model the LCD inverter board is located at the front base of the display and the electronic board at the top rear side. Looks like the LCD electronic board is becoming faulty but you could try to open the display assy and install a spacer to compress a bit the board where the problem occurs. It could restore the video feed to the screen otherwise you'll need another LCD panel. You may also check the LVDS ribbon cable connection to the LCD panel, the cable could be bad seated in its socket but IMO the panel electronic board is the culprit and cannot be replaced since it's integrated to the LCD panel.


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