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PS4 CUH-1215A - No HDMI signal

PS4 tries to give a signal (TV says "processing signal") but then it goes to "no signal."

Does this in both normal and safe mode.

PS4 seems to boot completely. Blue light turns white.

Known good TV and HDMI cable.

I am thinking of replacing the HDMI IC (Panasonic mn864729) but it is expensive.

Any ideas?

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If the HDMI port looks good then it's is very likely to be the ic chip. The ic chips on these go out a lot more than the older models. I always check the port very carefully, test the diodes and resistors. If they are good then I replace the chip.


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Replaced the IC. Still the same problem. Diodes are all good. Port looks perfect inside and out. Sad!


Really? That's crazy...was it lightning damaged? I would replace the port as well just to be sure...sometimes one of the pins has a crack that you can't see. If you still can't fix it you could send it to me...I'll have a look at it if you'd like.


Mine doesn't show on My bigger LG screen but it's showing on the smaller one though the smaller is newer. What can I do to make it show on my bigger TV screen? Thanks as I await a solution to this issue




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