Also known as LG Cayman, LG Optimus Exceed, this CDMA Verizon smartphone was released April 2012 with Android 2.3.6 (Gingerbread).

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Why won't my LG VS840 Phone power up?

When I plug my phone in to soon as I plug it in, screen lights up first with LG logo then shows my battery is fully charged. Then screen goes black. When I try to power up by depressing power button, it will not come on. I've tried to take battery out then back in and same with my sim card. I've tried double clicking the power button, long depressing power button and just a single push it on. There is no phone protection case so nothing interfering with power button. Have not used the phone in 2 or 3 years but never any damage...always in protective case and screen protection. No water damage or dropped.

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@creolesue "not used the phone in 2 or 3 years " start with a new battery. It is possible that you battery just no longer holds a charge which is pretty common for batteries that have not been used for a while.


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hi i tink there is a battery problem is there can u change battery and try... or else power button issue is there replace the power button and check


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The batter seems fine. When I plug in the says that it is fully charged. Then goes back to black.


I have the same exact problem. Frustrated with Verizon for not being the least bit helpful! I'm hoping it's as simple as replacing the battery. But I have no idea what they cost.




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