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Released June 2016, identified by model number A3003 in Europe, A3000 in China and North America (according to

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Please help me with photo backup…

I have a OnePlus 3, which I have loved until today. It ran out of battery, and when I turned it back on, my normal pattern password wasn’t working. I contacted OnePlus, and they said that there isn't anything they can do. There is no SD card, I don’t have an automatic photo backup app, there isn’t a “Forgot my Password” option, and I don’t have USB debugging enabled. I have uploaded older pictures to Drive, but I haven’t uploaded pictures from this past Thanksgiving. I took pictures with my grandparents, and my grandmother passed away a couple weeks ago. I cannot stand the idea of losing those pictures. Does anybody have any ideas about ways I can get them? I am desperate; I’m willing to try absolutely anything.

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Check for your photos. Google has free photo backup there that may be active. Also, try plugging it into your PC and see if the phone still says something in the notifications. Hope I helped.


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Shortie さん、ありがとうございました!

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