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iPhoneの第4代目で、修理はそのままパーツを直接交換するだけです。しかし、正面ガラスとLCDはセットで交換する必要があります。容量はGSM / 8,、16m32 GB / モデル番号 A1332 /本体カラーは黒と白色

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broken I phone came alive (well, partly at least)

two years ago somebody gave me there iPhone 4 that was dropped into a toilet and never gave any sign of live ever since. she wanted to true it away and i just said to give it to me since i just like to fool around with old or broken electronics and search for what still can be used.

i forget about it, but came across it two days ago, and thought "maybe all the water dried out of this thing, maybe it will work",i didn't had any hopes what so ever for it, but i had a charging cable laying around and plugged it in "nothing to loose".

after a few minutes i heard and felt it vibrate. i unplugged it, plugged it back in and again, after a few minutes it vibrated. i left it charging for a few hours when i came back i unplugged it ,tried to turn it on, but no reaction. when i plugged it in again i made this "ploing" sound. i decided to let it charge a while longer.

now it vibrates when i turn off the silent mode, it makes the sound when i plug the charger in, but the screen doesn't do anything really. unless i try to force restart the phone then i see, very weak the apple logo.

what does this mean? is only the screen dead? would the phone be "normal" again when it is replaced? or is it something else?

can somebody please help to diagnose this iphone further?

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so, no body has a clue?


@har looks like it


thats a pity...


I have had the exact same problem and I was wondering if I should just replace the LCD and the digitizer works to. I don't want to replace it if it does work correctly. You know



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@har, hAR, I think you should have some fun with that iPhone 4 after all it was a freeby.

Stop charging or powering up your device until the liquid damage is addressed correctly, as you could be shorting out components inside the phone. You really should take care of the corrosion that is happening inside the phone from the water damage as that could be your problem. A tear down link for your device Link #1, disassembly guide will enable you to get inside the phone to remove the damage/corrosion caused by the liquid. Use the 2nd link as a guide/instruction on how to clean/repair the device from liquid damage. After this you will be able to power on the phone and see if further damage has to be addressed. The 3rd link is to a lot more disassembly guides and info. that may help in your repair. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

iPhone 4 のロジックボードの交換

Electronics Water Damage

iPhone 4 Repair


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hAR さん、ありがとうございました!

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