Sony Xperia M4 aquaは、2015年6月に発売されました。 5.0インチのディスプレイサイズ、Android OS、v5.0.1を搭載しています。 Sony Xperia m4 Aquaは、8 GB、2 GB RAM / 16 GB(E2306)の容量で、13 MPのプライマルカメラと5 MPのセカンダリカメラを搭載しています。 このスマートフォンには取り外しが不可能なリチウムイオン2400 mAhバッテリを搭載しています。

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I can't make calls, why?

Hi everyone,

I need help with my phone (Xperia Aqua M4) because I can't hear anyone I call since almost 2 months now (I have this phone since August 2015). I can listening music if I use my earphones and the speakers works for make calls. But the primary function of my phone doesn't work. I tried to clean the orifices with alcohol 70% and a Q-tip. I found a lot of dirts (I work as a gardener, so). But that was not effective.

Any ideals?

Thank you for your help,


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Hi Alex,

If the only speaker not working is your earpiece speaker, it may need replacing.

There are quite a few videoes about on YouTube and a guides here on ifixit to help.

But opening the Xperia will more than likely void any water resistance that phone has, as it is held together by double sided adheshive.


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Hi Ged,

Thank you for your answer!!

I will give a try! That will be nice if that working well. Maybe I will be able to find double sided adhesive on asian market! A lot of store told me they can't repair it because the screen risk of cracking.




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