Video Compression Colour Washing out :c


I've lately done some Video lately on my laptop, I recorded with a program named FRAPS

The Video comes back fine, the size is huge (of course) and so I decide to compress it.

When I compress it via MP4, MOV, AVI, etc.. the colours get washed out.. blacks become greys, reds don't seem.. 'red' anymore, sort of tipping towards pink.

Here's a comparison picture.

The above is two pictures overlapped, the dark strips are the original, the grey looking strips are the aftermath of compression.

What can I do?

By the way, I'm on an NVIDIA 770m

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Just a comment. There are a lot of answers on the 'net on how to reduce Fraps file size by 90% without quality loss, but there seems to be a bit of conjecture as to which program is the best to use to do this.

Have you tried a different program to compress the file and see if it is any better or to put it another way what program are you using to do this?


Format Factory, Adobe Media Encoder, Windows Movie Maker. All same result.

Washed out colours. blacks turn grey.


Hi, Found this which may be of interest to you. Read it all the way through.