Epson Stylus NX420 All-in-One Printer, identified by model number C11CA80201.

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Why can't my printer connect to my wireless network?

My printer doesn't seem to be able to find my home wireless network. When I turn my printer on, my home wireless network doesn't appear. What can I do?

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please I need my time not to be waisted, I just want to be connected to my Epson printer and scan WF-2750


Hi there, I don’t have router but I connect all devise in my mobile so how i connect to my printer f……



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This could be due to a number of reasons. To troubleshoot, try connecting another device in your home to your wireless network to make sure the network is working. If not, you may need to restart your router/modem. Make sure your printer is within the range of your wireless router, and that it is not placed near a microwave, cordless phone or large metal objects.

You may need to check your router's MAC settings - these could restrict new devices from being able to connect to your printer. If settings are in place, check the MAC address of your printer and register it with your network (check guide linked below on how to find the address). Additionally, you may have to input the name of your network (SSID) manually if it doesn't appear, or check to make sure the WEP/WPA keys are entered correctly.

For more troubleshooting info for network connectivity, visit the printer's user manual.


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most printers don’t support ADHOC WiFi

most phones can’t create AP WiFi networks, they only work with ADHOC, it’s a limitation of the wifi chip in the phone.


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Most of the time, people go through wifi problem. due to the wifi encryption problem. when users changes there password or encryption type on their wifi. but don’t delete the existing profile on your their network. they face such kind of problem. so you should delete the existing wifi profile from your wifi and try to connect your printer to the wifi. I am sure this will work fine this time. For more information you may visit: fix Epson printer is not connecting to the wifi.


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