Last 3 baseboard heaters on loop are not getting hot enough

I have a hydronic baseboard heat system which 1 zone serves multiple baseboard radiators heaters and it is a long loop.

The last 3 heaters are not getting hot enough.

I'm a plumber by trade and I bled the system.

I'm wondering if there is any solution to get the last 3 radiators on the loop as hot as the first few radiators without having to repipe for a separate zone.

Thank you

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Hi, Perhaps a naive question, but is the pump moving the water through the system fast enough or is it slow and the water 'cools' before it reaches the last 3 radiators? is there a flow control valve that may be clogged etc?


It's definitely moving water, otherwise on of the radiators would get hot.

As well as I can hear/feel the circulator working.

But I'm not sure if I might need a stronger circulator, don't know how to do the math on it.


Hi, Is the temp 'in' on the 4th last radiator in the run a lot different to the temp 'out' when the pipes are felt by hand? and is the temp 'in' on the 3rd last radiator nearly the same as the temp 'out' of the 4th last radiator? just wondering if the radiator might be clogged slowing flow.


4th last radiator is not a big difference on the in & out,

And the 3rd last in is also not a big difference of the 4th last out.


Hi, This link has tables which give flow rates and temps and element length for a loop. It might be of some help to you.


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@abrahamyaris ,Abraham, check out the pdf links below, they may help in determining what has to be done in your heating system. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.




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