Error code P074B on a 2013 Ford Focus?

How do I correct an error code P074B for a 2013 Ford Focus (2L engine)? Thanks!

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@victoria_parker , Victoria, 2013 Ford Focus error code P074B Unable To Engage Gear 3, This vehicle may still be under warranty, there are numerous TSB's out on the transmissions of these vehicles, ask the dealer if this could be the reason for code and is it covered. This will have to be diagnosed at a good transmission repair shop or a Ford dealer that has the proper software and scanner. If you are not experiencing any drive ability issues record the code for future reference and erase code and see if it comes back. Good luck.

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Hi @lpfaff1

For my info, does erasing the code remove it from the ECM store area for later retrieval? If so is this wise if warranty applies?


jayeff, if you erase the code I believe the code is still held in the ECM, on the other hand if you unhook the battery I am not sure the code stays in ECM, I myself have not worked with the more sophisticated scanners found in dealerships of today. If vehicle is under warranty I would not delete the code until it was documented by the dealer. In saying this probably 9 times out of 10 if car is showing no drive ability issues the dealer will erase the code and tell you it may have just been a glitch and come back if you experience the light again.


Hi @lpfaff1

Thanks for that.




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