System start but no Display HELP!

Hello Friend's,

Recently am having a problem with my dell AIO desktop the inverter seems to blow up, my system is working fine with indication it used to be like in normal days but now no display.

i gave it to the dell service center they told me that it not repairable so for me AIO is like dead only but the system is working with fan & led lights of side panel gets on like full working condition but their is no display. (problem causing)

1. when i connected the wire coming from the motherboard to inverter the power adapter light goes off when connected to pc via back panel. (input voltage 19v).

2. if i won't connect the wire coming from the motherboard to inverter the system starts normally function like it used too in early days but with no display (because of the backlit).

so what i found is the inverter problem & in buying this ITEM will this going to FIX IT or their could be motherboard problem also. i have find the inverter online getting it for 40$ should i take the risk on seeing that it would work or another problem it could be.....pls... HELP ME OUT.....

u will save my life of my pc going WASTED........

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