Samsung Galaxy S5 NEO(SM-G903F)には、5.1インチのSuper AMOLEDスクリーン(HD解像度)が搭載されています。 デュアルカメラ、16 Mpxリア、5 Mpxフロントパネルを備えています。 Exynos 7580 64ビットプロセッサ、16 GB 内蔵メモリ、2 GBのRAM、2.800バッテリ

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Lots of random "ghost" touches on screen after replacement.

I recently replaced the screen assembly - LCD and Digitizer - on a Samsung S5 Neo. It has been working fine up until a week after the replacement, now it is unusable as soon as I turn it on it start randomly touching all over the screen, unlocking the phone and clicking on all the apps.

I have checked the connector, which is fine, and done a few resets and restarts none of which help with the problem. Has anyone else had a similar issue, and been able to fix it? Or is the screen assembly or connector faulty?

Thanks in advance


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it sounds like a defective digitizer to me, I would try a replacement screen, assuming the board connector is alright.


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