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HDD Replacement with a Boot Camp Partionioned HDD


I am about to replace my MacBook HDD with a 500GB Seagate Hybrid. I am very happy with the process for cloning a normal Macintosh partitioned HDD using SuperDuper (at last in principle) but the current HDD has a Boot Camp installed Windows partition (I know, why would I bother).

Question is, then, can I fully clone the current HDD including the Windoze partition?

If so, what do I need to do differently?

Thanks in advance.

Ernie K

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Thanks for the help so far guys.

If push comes to shove, I can always just delete the boot partition, clone, and then re-Boot Camp it once it is up and running.


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Yes for the entire drive:

read the web site, there may be some additional steps for the entire drive clone. you should have an external drive i am not sure this one supports imaging to a networked storage device.(standard CD bootable stand alone version)

Make sure everything is imaged correctly before doing anything to your original drive.

Their web site should have the info you need regarding its use to make sure no disastrous mistakes are made during the creation and application of the image. Check the image integrity after completion of creating the image, if this is a feature offered.

I haven't used it in awhile.

They are some other similar freeware drive imaging stuff out there as well.

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I've heard good things about superduper but personally I'm a fan of CCC. Sounds as though it should work. +


CCC is good and graphically nicer then clonezilla, so it might be easier to use, i just wasn't sure it would image all the partitions on Ernie K's system including his MBR allowing both OS's to work ....If it does it might be easier for him........


Either way he should be OK if he test the completed drive before doing anything to the old one.


CCC website says that it will not image the Boot Camp partition. I think the thing to do is to back up the Win data that I want to keep, remove the partition, clone, re-run Boot Camp once the new drive is working, then reinstall Win and restore the data.

Thanks for the help. CCC looks nice and easier than Clonezilla.

I would always make sure that the system will boot properly to the new drive before even installing it let alone touching the old one (it might be a useful backup in any case).


Before reinstalling..... clonzilla will image the entire drive and it would not take long, including all partitions including bootcamp. You just have to select entire hard drive to image......not just the partitions.Clonezilla is Linux based, so it has a pretty simple graphical environment so it works on everything. It's worth a shot (possibly saving yourself quite a bit of time reinstalling windows) You just need space for the image. Even if the MBR for windows is not working for some unknown reason, don't know why it wouldn't just boot from the windows cd and execute fixmbr. or select repair installation.......


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