DLC Coating Black Stainless

There has been a lot of speculation about the coating on the new black stainless apple watch. The language has been removed that cites the DLC coating. Have you or anyone noticed a different coating on the watch, and/or a high propensity to be scratched, scuffed, or chipped?

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Any coating can't be stronger than the base it is applied.

This is a common weakness with aluminum as well with its anodized coating (converting the surface of the aluminum metal back to aluminum oxide).

The thickness of the coating can also be a factor, most of the time these coatings are only a few microns thick which offers limited protection.

Only friction types of events can be protected with these coatings. Bangs with a pointed or sharp edge which is equal of hardness (Mohs scale of mineral hardness) than the base metal will still damage the item.


Yes and I am very annoyed