Repair and disassembly guides for Sony DVD players.

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Why is my Sony DVD taking so long to read discs?

My Sony DVD player is fairly new, if I can say that after having it for a couple of years. I started having problems a while ago with its reading of cds and dvds. I thought it needed to be cleaned. So I cleaned it. The problem was still unresolved.

I put in a cd and it takes sometimes 10 minutes for it to play anything. During that time, the screen will read as loading. And sometimes it will say Cannot Play This Disc. I put the cd in again because I know there's nothing wrong with the track, and then finally it will play. Sometimes when I'm in the middle of watching a dvd, the screen will blink to saying 'USB port' and I lose my place in the video.

Why is this happening? Why is my DVD player moving so slowly? Is there any place I can go to have this fixed immediately?

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jrachelhistory sounds like your DVD player is starting to have laser issues. Yes, it is possible that a cleaning could fix this. For a while at least, but you'd be better off to clean it with some cotton tip applicator and proper solution than a commercially available CD cleaner. It may also be possible to repalce the laser assembly in good old DIY fashion. Just let us know what model your DVD player is and we could try and help you with that. As for getting it repaired, that would depend on where you reside. Check google for electronic repairs in your area.


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