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No light on MagSafe LED & can't turn on my MacBook

Hi all,

My macbook 2009 suddenly will not turn on one day.

  • No response at all when pressing power button.
  • Plugged in MagSafe power adapter in doesn't show any light on LED (green or amber)

I went to Apple Store they suggested it's the issue with MagSafe/DC-In board since they tried with a new power adapter and still there is no light on the MagSafe LED.

So I bought a new MagSafe/DC-In board, changed it out, but still dead. Tried SMC reset that didn't help.

What should i look into next? Would it be just dead battery or something else?

Any advise would be great!


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Tough one to diagnose over the internet. There are no clues.

Try this. disconnect the battery (check it for swelling while your at it). Dis connect the mag-safe adapter. Press and hold the power button for 15 seconds. Reconnect, try starting and tell us if you get anything.


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I do not have the Y1 screwdriver. I tried to do your suggestion but with only disconnecting the battery cable. Nothing happen, stays dead. I will try to get a Y1 and see if battery is swelling.


You don't need the Y screwdriver. To disconnect the battery yo don't need to pull the battery from the laptop. Just disconnect the cable.




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