Samsungが2015年初旬に発売したAndroidスマートフォンGalaxy E7の修理ガイドとサポートです。5.5インチのスーパーAMOLED、720 x 1280ディスプレイ、クアッドコア1.2 GHz Snapdragon 410 CPU、2 GB RAMを搭載しています。

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Phone powers on but the screen doesn't light up. Any Ideas?

I can charge the phone and get it to turn on, however when it is on you can't actually see anything being displayed on the screen so at first I didn't know it was on. Any Idea how to get the screen to display?

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One of two things. The phone might need to be reset OR it simply needs a new LCD.

First try a SOFT RESET. You will not lose data.

1 -Press the power button for about 10 – 15 seconds. > Release the power button when the phone shuts down and reboots.

2 - If that doesn't work, try to remove and replace the battery

Second, if you are willing to lose data or know you have backed it up, try a HARD RESET.

1 -Turn off your phone completely. (Press the power button for few seconds and tab on Power Off)

2 -Press and Hold Home + Volume Up + Power keys together at the same time about 10 seconds.

3 -As soon as you get into the Android system recovery mode, Navigate to wipe data/factory reset using the volume down button and select it with the power button.

4 -It will ask you to confirm “Confirm wipe of all user data?”. Select Yes – delete all user data

5 -Now select reboot system now.

Now, for the screen replacement, there are no guides on here. I'm sorry. But doing some research though, I did manage to find the part you need, the tools, and a guide.





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My phone is transplanted. I cant see clearly pictures. Please. Help i must of have hidden wrong botton


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I have a LG GVista2 phone and it want keeps showing a picture of a



Phone speaker not working.

Update (07/27/2018)

Speaker is not working from samsung E7.


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