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iPad2 cord was ripped out = no charge/no home button

New here. Hello everyone.

My iPad2 was knocked off of a counter while it was plugged into a the charging cord. Neither the charging port nor the home button work any more. Based on what I've read, I assume the charging port was moved or damaged and that the home button may be damaged or may not be working due to the charging port.

Can anyone we experience repairing iPad2s advise on which repair part(s) to buy? Does this type of accident usually take out both the charging port and the home button? Is it likely they have just moved of the contact points? I know that no one can know until they open it, but I am curious if its usually just one part that gets damaged in this type of accident.

I'm ordering a tool set and a the adhesive strips. Trying to determine if I should wait on parts, get the charging port, home button, or both without spending on shipping twice.

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the input. Finally had time to get to it this week. Luckily, the ribbon cable was just unplugged at the board. I followed everyone's advice and was extremely cautious with the glass.



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Sounds just like a charging port. The home button assembly is very difficult to damage and most likely just isn't aligned properly with the damaged dock assembly.

I'd swap out the dock assembly, should fix your issue.


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From what it sounds like, you definitely need a new charging port. I would say it just moved if it was only the home button not working as the home button sits on top of the charging port and uses two pins there for its connection, but if it's not charging either then something else got ripped.

If you are planning to do the repair yourself, I would recommend buying the digitizer and the charging port. It's entirely possible to remove the screen without breaking it, but even the most experienced technicians accidently break them from time to time without meaning to.


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Removing the screens requires a lot of heat and patience some times the glue is just too strong and people end up cracking the glass in the end, so definitely better to buy a spare digitizer just in case.

Luckily the charger port is just a plug in component if I'm correct.




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