6th generation Android smartphone designed by Google and manufactured by Huawei. Released October 2015.

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My phone won't pickup sound, unless speaker phone is enabled.

One of my Nexus 6P's microphones has quit working, the speakerphone microphone still picks up sound, I've read that there are multiple microphones on these phones and I'm having trouble isolating the locations of them. Does anyone have any information that might help me track down the defective microphone for replacement?

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Try a microphone app. If you don't have any sound being recorded it is the microphone in your daughterboard (the board that has the USB on it). I was able to replace the part in mine fairly cheap. Check the connector as well, if there is damage to it then that might be another solution.

As far as locations, the other two are on the upper end of the phone attached to the motherboard.

Good luck!


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