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Asus X450JN BSOD after upgrading


I have just recently upgrade my Asus X450JN with these items :

2x8 RAM Corsair Vengeance DDR3L

SSD Samsung 850 Evo 250GB

I replace Optical Drive with original 1TB Toshiba HDD + HDD Caddy

Few days after, BSOD appear in my laptop, It won't even boot to installation media

Any insight on why it happened and hpw to fix it ?

Thanks and Regards

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ASUS Haswell platform Notebook shipped with low voltage memory DDR3L(1.35V). If user want to upgrade the memory , please also choose low voltage memory DDR3L(1.35V). It will cause no boot when the notebook which shipped with low voltage memory DDR3L(1.35V) exchange the memory to standard voltage memory DDR3(1.5V).

The link above will show you how identify the difference.

This could be the problem causing BSOD


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I have confirmed that I used DDR3L, I suspect more on the SSD

Interesting update is that everything went normal after I try to check the drives using GParted booted from USB, it happened twice already since then and booting GParted somehow solves it, I just booted and then turn it off again, no changes are done



hi my frend, I have the same pc, i´m looking to do the same. our laptop can take 16g ram ? will be very good, I boucht the same ssd and caddy cover.

the original slot of memory it´s 4g+4g ? or one of 8g ?


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Heggi Ramatya さん、ありがとうございました!

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