Specific Keys don't work: [B] [N] [+=] [Caps] and [Del]

Alright so my grandparents had somebody over, idiot spilled water on the laptop.

Luckily for some odd reason, the laptop survived no problem.

Anyhow, since the incident, the specific Keys don't work..

B N += Caps and Del

I've read online that this particular combination seems to be going out on many other HP laptops. Here's a few forums I've found.





Anyhow, I've completely disassembled the unit, cleaned it out, made sure there's no water.

Took off the keyboard, placed it in a rice bag for a week, hair dryed it. Etc

I plugged it in, keys still don't work.

Funny thing is I have an old husk that's the same model (which I used to build the laptop in the first place, using the best bits) I used the old banged up keyboard and the keys seem to work in reverse..

The B N += Caps and Del all work, but nearly everything else doesn't.

So I guess I can rule that the keyboard itself is somehow wrecked in a weird, ritualistic kind of way.

Anyway I can dispel this wretched magic upon thine key tiles?


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The keyboard is driven by a matrix of wiring underneath, shorting out or disconnecting some of them will cause some particular keys to malfunction.

You can try with a known good keyboard. If that keyboard is working, then your keyboard is broken. If the same issue persists, then there is something wrong on the main logic board.


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I swapped the keyboards and my old broken one works with those keys. So how can I go about fixing this matrix? Where is it on the keyboard?

I just don't get why it's such a particular combination of keys.


Because of how the keys are routed in the wiring. Think of it as parallel lines. Where some lines can be cut causing certain keys to not work. The only way to really fix it is to replace the keyboard with known good working one or a new one.




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