no touch function lcd

Hi Guys

i have been reparing an iphone 6 and replacing the lcd. but ran into problems with the lcd after the new ldc was mounted. all Things seem to Work fine but the touch is not responding i can´t swipe to unlock an activate the phone. i hav tried to Mount the old lcd and still the same issue. the conectors looks fine and the and are not bend. anyone with the same problem?

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What is a ldc? Was the touch screen / digitizer ever working before on the old screen before you tried a new screen?


LCD typing error sorry. yes the touch screen worked before !


Have you tried resetting it. Power button home button) or battery reset.


Yes, have tried it


The touch is not the LCD its the digitizer on your iphone 6 its the connection at the top. When you say you mounted a new LCD did you try to separate the LCD and the digitizer. Or did you order a assembly