My controllers will not stay connected, wireless or wired

Thats about it, I can play for all of about 5 minutes and then even with wired controllers it will just poop out, I will have to run up to the console, unplug the controllers, plug it back in, only for the same thing to happen in another 1-5 minutes.

Microsoft had me download some program on a flash drive from their site and put it in my xbox one and do some hard installation update thing, and surprisingly it got the controllers to work for about 2 days, then there was an update from xbox live, and now my controllers are pooped out again.

And forget any wireless controllers, I can't get those suckers to connect 85% of the time.

It is turning into a nightmare as new controllers are $40-$90

The games were $60

I am pretty much paying for xbox live for no reason because I cannot play ($60 a year)

And to top it all off, the warranty is expired and Microsoft wants $150 just to swap it out with a different xbox one (I am using this option as a super last resort, hoping I can fix it for nowhere near that price)

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Have you tried reinstalling the software Microsoft told you to install?