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IMEI disappearing, the reappearing

Hi guys

I have here a customers phone, whereby he said he has supposedly dropped the device.

Now the issue is, his iPhone intermittently searches for the network at random times. This is direct result of the IMEI disappearing from the device then reappearing. Any ideas as is to why this is happening? First time I have seen something like this


Stephen - fonebitz

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I have same issue. Sometimes imei seems as same as on backside print of the phone and sometimes disappears. I tried everything. I went to AppStore also and they said they have nothing to do. They said it seems my phone hacked or my motherboard has been changed! Altough i have never seen.

Yes i droped a few times my phone but is was still working. It was on "searching" not just after the drop.

Without a reason it is stucking on searching position...


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I am also have same issue. My mobile is rooted so i cant enter in engineering mode. I tried *#*#34646633#*#* this no and i also try so many app to change my IMEI no.... plz help me


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