Appleの iPhone 5sは2013年9月10日に発表されました。このデバイスの修理は全モデルの修理と類似しています。そしてスクリュードライバー、こじ開けツールが必要です。GSM か CDMA、16か32、64GBがあり、色はシルバー、ゴールド、スプレーグレイが選べます。

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Do you have to wear any gloves/ antistatic gloves while repairing

Should I wear gloves during my repairs, I fixed a 5s screen with antistatic gloves on and the screen was acting funny( I was dragging the icons across the screen they fall in the middle of the screen) I reconnected the connectors without gloves and it worked perfectly

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You don't have to wear antistatic gloves to replace iPhone screens. If you feel there is a lot of static electricity, you can wear an ESD strap.

Here you can find some reading material.

As for the screen acting funky that first time, my bet is you just didn't plug in the connector properly because you were wearing gloves.


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I work on my iPhone on a plank of wood while lying on my tummy on the carpet with heavy metal on the radio. ;d

My iPhone works fine!

I wouldn't worry about it, though a strap might be a nice precaution.

If you're worried for static, just keep touching the metal frame with a finger tip before touching the logic board. ;d


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