My Nexus 6 doesn't start after replacing its Rear Camera.

After following the iFixit procedure, step by step, to replace the Rear Camera on my Nexus 6 I cannot get the phone to start again once everything is put back together. I don't understand why. Having said that, the battery board and the mother board doesn't seem a very good fit when putting it back together - before the 22 screws are in place. So, when the phone is completely reassembled, and the charger is plugged in, the phone only shows the battery-is-charging symbol on the screen, but that is about it - I am completely unable to restart the phone. I have absolutely no idea what it is that is probably out of line that is preventing the two boards to marry up properly and make for all points to have successful connection. I should be grateful for any suggestions as to where I might start with fault finding.

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