Touch on the LCD not responding

I have a P8 Lite that endured slight liquid damage about a month ago and after removing the Logic Board out making sure that there was no corrosion or liquids on the inside i put the device back together and as well have tested 3 other LCD's on the same logic board and they all have the same issue. Is there an IC i can replace or Reheat to get the touch to respond again?

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Did it work before opening it?


It worked after the Liquid damage for about a month then suddenly stopped working.


Is there anything important on it, if not then have you tried a Factory Reset?


i have the same problem and i replaced the lcd but still same issue

did you find any solution?


It seems to be the touch ID IC that needs to be replaced. I cannot get spares or have 1 to try that theory out but it would make sense to replace that or the connector that the touch uses because of corrosion it could still be shorting under the connector.