Appleの iPhone 5sは2013年9月10日に発表されました。このデバイスの修理は全モデルの修理と類似しています。そしてスクリュードライバー、こじ開けツールが必要です。GSM か CDMA、16か32、64GBがあり、色はシルバー、ゴールド、スプレーグレイが選べます。

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Why isn't my iPhone charging after a (store done) battery replacement?

My Iphone 6 plus was stolen on the weekend so i have changed back to my old 5S. i had to get the screen fixed and once i did that i realised how short of a life span the battery had, so i went back and got the battery replaced. It was 100% charged and was working fine until about 2 hours later it died and asked me to plug into a power source. I have been doing that for the last 2 hours but the empty battery with the red stripe is still on the screen.


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Either battery not plugged in properly or faulty battery. I would go back to the store if I was you. Check the charging port first if you have any blockage in there. If there is, use a toothpick to clean it out. You can confirm blockage if the charging cable does not plug fully plug into the port.


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Even though the battery read 100% when you received it from the store, it still might not have been actually charged up 100%. So if the store changes your battery again you still should put it on the charger the first chance you get and let it charge for at least 24 hours before starting regular usage and then always let the unit run till it runs out of power and then charge it again from low power. And never put the unit on the charger until it is low power. Many rechargeable batteries if you charge then when they have a high charge retain a memory and once they are plugged into a charging device for their first year of service think that they are low when they actually aren't. So best to only charge the battery when it says it is low on power only.


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Definitely worth trying this. Some new battery's may start with a very low voltage such as 1.2V instead of the usual 3.7v for low battery for example. This is why it may take like 24 hours to get it back to the normal voltage range of 3.7-4.2v.




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