High pitch fast play

My cassette/cd player is a 2005 Sony HCD-NEZ3. The speakers work but when I try to play cassettes it plays them in a high pitch and really fast (like Alvin & the chipmunks on energy drinks). It sounds like it's fast forwarding but it's not. It's just playing at a really fast speed that distorts the sound specifically voices. How can I fix this?

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It sounds like you're in fast forward and playback at the same time. That's most likely a mechanical problem and not an electronic one. Have you downloaded the operating and service manuals for this deck? They will probably have a troubleshooting giude in the service manual that will at least help you to isolate and identify what exacly is wrong. Then you can go to a forum and see if anyone has the same malfunction with their deck and how they solved it. I've seen this problem before, so it's not unusual. Good luck.