This is the Acer Chromebook launched in 2014 and uses the ChromeOS. The model number is CB3-111-C670 .

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Why can't I hear any sound?

No sound can be heard even when the volume is turned to max. Headphones work but speakers do not produce any sound.

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I have a Acer laptop with windows 10 on it. It had windows 7 on it. When i had windows 7 on it it worked. Please help.



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Since you can hear sound through headphones, we can safely eliminate any audio software issues. Some common issues for laptop speakers are blown out speakers, water damage, or loose wires. You can open your device to examine for any of these possible issues.


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@kerby You seem to be having a host of problems with your machine noteing your 2 other questions . Are these problems related ? Did something happen to the Chrome that could have started all three problems ? Did all the problems start at the same time ? If so was there a water or liquid mishap or damage from a drop or bump. Sometimes when a laptop is carried in a backpack it can get banged around without realizing your doing it. All three problems can be related . The wifi issue could be a damaged nic from a bump as could the speaker problem and a battery can also suffer from rough handling. A little bit of background on the machine could help with the diagnosis


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dear sir,

i have asus 4g eeepc, os: win xp. i have problem with my built in speaker. i have install sound drive well and it works. but when i on my pc its sound a noise and its continue.. my headphone port douse not work too. when i unstall sound drive there no sound and noise in speaker and pc wants to install drive. and installing sound drive there is no error msg. its there a motherbord problem? pls help me..


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