This Power Mac G4 has Mirrored Drive Doors.

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Original Mac OS X Disc will not reinstall.

My Power Mac G4 started to run slow and slower, gave time and date messages to check it it would run . I put new battery in and two weeks later came up again. I decided to reinstall my original OS X Disc got about half way through the install and quit said it failed message, I tried it again same thing failed. Can you help.

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Michael, please check the date on the battery first. It may have new but old stock. Were the date and time holding? Will it start in safe mode (hold down the Shift key on start up). This does sound like failed hard drive.


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I tried the to in safe mode it opened in Mac OS 9.2??, but will not eject to accept a disc.


Hold down option key when starting to select the system you want. The date is stamped on the battery. Hold down mouse button on start up (to eject it), or it will boot from the CD/DVD (which is probably what has happened and your hard drive may have failed already.


Thank you for your answers. I believe I'll replace the Hard Drive, can you recommend a website to purchase part.


OWC will carry those older drives. Here's a link to those drives:




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