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Why has my LG side-by-side refrigerator ice maker quit working?

My LG ice maker works only part-time. It recently stopped working; then after power failures, it will sometimes work again for a short while. I've shut the power down to try to simulate the restart, but it seems to need a much longer shut down. And, the long shut down doesn't always restart the ice maker - this is only an occasional thing. Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you.

Model # GR-J297WSBN

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a few questions to perhaps narrow down the issue .

1. when it does make cubes , are they full sized or small / hollow?

2. do you hear the icemaker " call" for water periodically ?

3. does the water dispenser work well ? good flow?

4 when the power outages occurred were they long enough for the freezer to thaw completely ?

a. small or hollow ice cubes are a sign of a lack of water pressure getting to the cube molds. check water valve for flow

b, you can usually hear the icemaker send power to the water valve ( buzzing sound for about 3-5 seconds)

c. see a. poor water supply pressure to the fridge will affect the icemaker. kinked lines and needle valves.

d. water supply tube to the freezer is freezing up solid and water can no longer pass through.


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