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Can't import photo media from Backup

MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2012

Hello Mac-users,

Since I deleted my Fusion Drive and made a clean install using the SSD & HDD separately, I can't import my photos media data back in.

First it wants to repair it. (Break up after 95%)

Now "photos app" keeps telling me: "None of the files can be imported)

I can't import directly with Time Machine. Can only use the data using Finder and the Backup disk.

Please help! I need this photos urgently for my work.

best wishes

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What do you mean here? (Break up after 95%)


Within TimeMachine you should be able to do a file/folder Restore is that not working?



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Instead of importing, go directly to your backup you made (not the TimeMachine files). There you'll need to navigate to your user folder (home) then go into the Pictures folder and copy it over to your system (you'll want to rename your current picture folder first). Also make sure you're not connected to the network yet (WiFi or Ethernet) as you don't what the iCloud files altered.

Once its there you should be able to launch Photo's and see what you have. Are they all there? If not you'll need to use this approach to copy off each discreet snap from within the Time Machine backup. Again rename the folder until you have everything recovered. Then merge the folders back into one Pictures folder.


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Thomas さん、ありがとうございました!

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