Why won't my computer turn on?

My macbook worked one evening and the next morning it wasn't. Suddenly the mag power chord no longer shows a green charge light when plugged into the computer.

I tried another power chord and the light still doesn't show green.

My guess is that something happened overnight which no longer allowed the computer's battery to charge.

When I press the small button on the back of the battery it does blink green (the charge blinks with one light, so its basically depleted of energy).

I tried the SMC reset, although that may only work for a computer that is charged.

Can anyone help?

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The most likely suspect is the left I/O board. It is of paramount importance to correctly identify your machine when replacing this part. First go here and enter your serial number (found in the battery compartment). http://www.everymac.com/ultimate-mac-loo...

This part has several functions and getting a good board in used condition can be frustrating. Beware, this model also had the nVidia GPU 8600 that failed a lot and even had class action law suits on it. When it goes it can be very hard to determine the cause.

I have a stack of about a dozen of these failed machines that are not worth the cost to repair. So be warned that you may be going to a lot of time, effort and money for no results.

But if you choose to proceed, here's the guide on replacing the board:

MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Models A1226 and A1260 Left I/O Board Replacement


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I really appreciate your guidance! I did replace the part with a replacement piece that had been certified to work. Your instructions for taking apart were pretty darn good.

When I replaced the piece however, the machine would still not power on. The mag light still doesn't turn green when I plug the power cord to the computer.

Do I have to hold down any keys or do anything out of the ordinary prior to powering on?

What would be my next step now?



Thanks Mayer! I saw another thread about the power of a charger being an issue. people seemed to have problems with 60W chargers. I was able to find an 85W charger and the mag lite actually lit up and finally started charging the battery again.

But now I hit the power button and the screen doesn't turn on when the computer boots up. Urgh.

I tried the process of removing the battery, holding the power button, removing the mag cord, continuing to hold the power button another 10 seconds, letting go of the power button, reconnecting he power cord, and then pressing the power button again once.

When I do this process without the battery installed, the computer still starts up but the fan starts going full blast without stopping. When I do it with the battery back in, it sounds more normal (the fan doesn't go full blast). But in neither scenario does the screen turn on.



To add to this....I just shined a flashlight at the screen and the screen actually IS on but the backlight is just not working. Maybe I bumped something when I replaced the I/O board?


Now I need to know your Exact machine. This sound like either an inverter or inverter cable issue with the screen. Try moving the screen back and forth and see if the problem persists. This can also be the I/O board (who certified it?)

Please go here and enter your serial number to find your machine. http://www.everymac.com/ultimate-mac-loo...




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