The Kenmore Elite HE3 is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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After repairs display reads 888, what does this mean?

After doing some repairs the washer display reads 888 and won't work. What can I do?

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888 is not an error code, it usually means that the control board is confused.

At power up It normally scans thru all the switches and sensors to make sure that they are there and as they should be . Having one faulty should give an error code having two is probably enough to confuse it. e.g. if two sensors were connected together electrically by pinched wires. (Not saying that sensors are the problem). Recheck your work and make sure that you haven't left something disconnected or connected to the wrong place, such as sensors switches etc and that you haven't 'pinched' any wiring when you re assembled your machine.


I have a kenmore he 4t and i have NOT taken my machine apart. I went in the laundry room after the machine had started ok. Later i went back to the laundry room the machine was not running and all the lights were on and whistling with the number 888 lit up. Now my machine does nothing but whistle and all the lights lit up.


Wahou ! I have the same probleme Variellk. I'm using my HipVap and immediatly said "888" error and all light turn on. What can we do for resolve the toubles. Thank you



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888 means the PC board is shorted and the display driver that shows what supposed to be a display is not working,I would take the PC board out of the machine,look for water corrosion,it will be like a white puffy kind of stuff,if you see that,you have water damage from some other part inside.Try electrical cleaner but you would probably need a new PC board at that point.Look at all the boards while you are inside the machine.

Make sure its unplugged,dont get electricuted!Very important! If its sears,thats kenmore and thats GE.So you can get parts via Sears or ebay or amazon.Good luck,report back!


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