Any tips on seperating glass from LCD?

Acer Aspire R14

I have this laptop to repair and i ordered the digitizer glass. Not knowing it was a LOCA type glue repair that needs to be done. The glass needs to be separated from the LCD panel in order to use the new digitizer glass. I have a LCD separator machine that is large enough to fit almost the whole screen. Ive gotten about halfway across the screen under the glass with molybdenum wire and that took around 3 hours to get that far.

I dont know if im not using a high enough temperature or what. I set it at 50 degrees C and went as high as 65 degrees C. Can i crank up the heat anymore to make the glue liquefy faster? I just dont want to damage the LCD in any way.

Who knew touchscreen laptops would be just like the smartphones we have now? This glue bonding on this model really surprised me. Any help or suggestions on getting this screen separated would be great.

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