The 1st generation of the Toyota 4Runner that features a removable top .

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Why does the steering have free play in it?

When driving down the road, the vehicle drifts and is difficult to keep going in a straight path. This symptom occurs while driving at any speed. What is wrong with the truck?

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The steering has free play because there could be an issue with the linkage in the idler arm. In order to fix you can can either fix the linkage or replace the idler arm all together. You can buy a complete idler arm at your local auto shop. Just come in with the truck/car information and they should be able to provide a complete set with the bracket and everything already attached.

You can check out more information by looking at this troubleshoot page:

1984-1989 Toyota 4Runner Troubleshooting


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There are more options to consider, steering box, the knuckles in the steering column, center link, Pittman arm, Tie rod ends, upper or lower ball joints, wheel bearings . All need to be considered and inspected because all can cause free play or wander in the front end.


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Tie rods are an integral part of your vehicle's steering. Just as its name suggests, a tie rod ties your vehicle's steering rack to the steering arm. The steering arm is attached to the wheel. There are two types of steering systems: rack-and-pinion steering and re-circulating ball or mechanical steering.

Have this checked immediately as you could lose complete control at any time.


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