MacBook air wont start after shut down without disconnecting Battery


My Macbook Air A1496 won't power on unless disconnected battery and mag safe adapter. I already changed the battery but the issue is still same.

If i disconnect the battery and connect power adapter only it will turn on as usual. Once I shut down the mac again with only power adapter connected it wont turn on again until I disconnect the power adapter and connect again. same thing with battery also.

If i disconnect battery and magsafe together and plugged it together it will turn on and i can run the mac with battery. But still after shut it will not turn on. Again need to disconnect battery and charger and plug back.

Kindly help me on this issue.

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Did you ever find a solution to this? I have this same problem as well.


I had some luck with completely discharging it. I did not try to reboot yet,


I did change the battery by buying a new one and changing it. IT DID NOT FIX THE PROBLEM. I am able to start the OS when it is shut down by performing a SMC Reset TWICE. The second time the system starts but it is not fixed for good. Maybe it helps somebody.