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Buy an engine or any other options available?

i have a 07 toyota camry that ran hot and shut off. the water pump was cracked so i replaced that along with a thermostat. i was told that the block was cracked so i had someone to flush and seal with block seal. the pistons on the motor were wet with water when tried to crack. the battery went dead i have not tried to crank it since. Should i go ahead and invest in a engine or would head gaskets or anything else would be an option before spending 1700.00 for another engine?

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If the block is cracked I would defiantly go with another engine . If the engine just has a bad head gasket then replacing that would be a cheaper alternative . There are some things to take into consideration , if there is coolant in the oil and how long has it been there. Is the oil a chocolate brown color , looks like chocolate milk, if so you will need to clean the engine and replace the bearings in the engine as engine anti freeze or coolant is corrosive and will damage the bearings.This will increase the cost of the fix but if its needed and you dont do it you will end up later on with more problems. However if the oil is clean and not milky looking you can get away with replacing the head gasket . Before changing the head gasket have the head decked(machined) or at least checked for straightness as the reason the head gasket went in the first place is that the head will likely be slightly warped. Hope this helps


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