Why can't it receive text messages?

I am trying to help my friend with her phone that she has through Straighttalk. It is doing something that makes no sense to me. Everything works on her phone but she can't receive text messages. Two days ago it just stopped working and when she called them for help they said to basically to get a new one. She asked me to take a look in case there was something I might be able to do. She has to have her phone for work and can't wait 7-10 for a new phone so she would just end up buying a new one if I couldn't find something. So being a good friend - I said yes.

What I have done so far:

- I have tried turning Airplane mode off and on.

- I have checked her network settings, security settings, wifi settings, and even turn those services on and off to register something.

- I went ahead and backed up all her information in case she does buy a new phone.

- I doubled check to make sure her service is working and it is.

- I double checked her other services yet she can receive calls, emails, facebook notifications, and updates from the Google store. Just no texts.

- I have restarted the phone regularly and taking the battery out.

- I also sent her phone texts messages after any change I did to see which idea worked and none came through yet she could send me texts which I received quickly.

**Finally I did the last thing she really wanted me to do after I saved all her things. I reset the factory settings and imported back in all her data. However, that did not work either.

To conclude our story:

At this point, I am completely confused and she bought a new phone so I could import all her data. I am still curious how her phone could do everything yet receive texts. That is the first time I have heard something like that and if anyone has any answers, I would greatly appreciate it.

PS. I thought it could be the version of software updates she had and I found a post on another site that had someone claiming it was the 4.4 up but other said that couldn't be it. I don't know if that is a possible lead but I wanted to add that just in case.

Thank you very much!

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Might have misread your post and that you have already tried this. Go to Settings > Apps > All > Messaging > then try either clear data and see or force stop then restart? Realize a reset should have cleared this as well but you never know.

Also in your messaging app settings > Text Messages (SMS) > SMS Validity Period set to maximum. Here is a link describing SMS validity period http://www.sms-wiki.org/p_120-validity-p...


Also, have you double checked APN settings?



I have the same problem. Samsung galaxy J320A. AT&T network.


I have a same problem I can text people but cannot receive texts and I only had this phone for about 2 weeks ALG style 4 does anybody know a solution before I return this phone