iPhoneの第4代目で、修理はそのままパーツを直接交換するだけです。しかし、正面ガラスとLCDはセットで交換する必要があります。容量はGSM / 8,、16m32 GB / モデル番号 A1332 /本体カラーは黒と白色

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4 screen replacement troubleshooting--horizontal lines

i replaced the screen after meticulously following the directions. whenever press the home button, the screen is full of horizontal lines and I can faintly see the time display in the back. I have checked all of the ribbon cable connections and they seem good.

Any suggestions? Also, when I was attaching the back of phone, I could swear I saw the apple logo on the screen as clear as a bell.

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Try reseating the LCD and touch flexes (under the shield held in place by the 5 screws towards the top centre of the motherboard)

Make sure you lift the battery connector first.

The lines relate to the connectors gold pins. Failing that it's a faulty screen or possible damage to the connectors. Good luck


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Try cleaning the connectors bosh on PCB and spare part ribbons with a toothbrush. You can use highly concentrated alcohol or just do it dry, but stary gentle! Also, have you attached back the metal shield covering the lcd and digitizer ribbons connectors? It should keep connectors tight, and the being loose seems to be the cause of your problem.

In the worst scenario the ribbons are damaged somewhere, it May not be seen with bare eye however


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Tried both options, but unfortunately neither one fixed the horizontal bars. Thanks for the suggestions!!


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Susan さん、ありがとうございました!

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