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Are there really no repair guides for the iMacs?

When I look at ANY of the iMacs for repair guides its says: "there are no repair guides for this product" Is there an error somewhere because I thought for sure there were repair guides for imacs, though it HAS been a few years since I looked... (mine is a 24" 2.4Ghz aluminum iMac... and I need to replace the optical drive)

And help on this would be awesome!


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There are none at the moment.

2015 answer

They have guides for this iMac now.


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well My imac Is really ugly... (no glass, and yes, I bought it that way a few years back.) So a guide for my machine might not be as helpful as it could be... and alas I just do not have time to make a guide right now... =(



At the very beginning was very difficult to find any information for iMac devices service/repair manuals, but nowaday there is basic information on the web.

For basic information, PowerBookMedic has videos.

Tools for all those operations can be found at iFixit.


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There are no repair guide for imacs as they are incredibly difficult to dissassemble and reassemble, it is highly recomended that you DONT OPEN YOU IMAC. If you do attempt to open the imac you are likely to do more damage then good.

Buy a external optical drive, it will work just fine and will save you the possibility of destroying your imac.

If my warning wasn't enough to deter you from making bad decisions heres a guide to replace the HDD, it's not the optical drive but you might be able to figure it out.


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That install looks extremely easy. Maybe not for everyone but for a lot of the middle-of-the-pack to advance folks on here that shouldn't be an issue at all. Maybe I missed something. Just saying.


- negative vote for the "incredibly difficult" statement. You just need the suction cups that iFixit sells. I haven't done a guide on this one because I've only had one in for repair.




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