BLU Dash 5.5 Audio glitching

This is SO irritating. No matter if I listen to the mp3s I put on the phone myself, or some music on Google Play.. no matter if I use headphones or listen from the speaker. The audio ALWAYS has a little glitch every 30 seconds.. like there are errors... I thought the headphone jack was messed up but this happens no matter what..

When I'm on the phone everything is fine though? Software is completely updated.. Android 4.4.. soo.. is this even possible? Is there even a solution

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Is there any lag in your phone?? Did you try factory reset??


Its brand new.. and yes a little.. about 170mb out of 500mb ram free... very odd.. then sometimes it works and i load up Google Play Music, its starts glitching again, and then the rest of the mp3s on my phone glitch until i restart the phone.... ????? This is crazy...