Repair guides and support for the Expedition, a full-size SUV based on Ford's F-150 pickup truck. Closely related to the Lincoln Navigator.

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Why did my engine shut off with no warning

What would cause a 98 expedition to just shut down with no warning, and then not start?

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The two main reasons for your truck to just stop are

1. Lose of fuel, Cause : plugged fuel filter ,bad fuel pump break in fuel line, lose of power to the injectors .

2. Lose of spark Cause: coil failure, battery failure ,alternator failure, wiring failure ECM failure

If you want me to be more specific then I need more information on what happened and what the truck is doing when you try to start it


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Drove it to Walmart an parked, came out an tried to start it, but wouldn't start. Engine cranks over good. After a little checking...its got no spark.


Drove to work at lunch went to go start it. It started for like .2 or .3 secs then turned off I put in $5 of gas and nothing towed it home bought new fuel pump and filter and still nothing has no problem engine cranking over just wont start


@dat1hp Preston this sounds like a fuel regulator problem on the fuel rail. if the regulator fails then the pressure at the rail will not stabilize and allow the truck to run


@jimfixer ok so this is what I did so far before I read your response. I bought a new fuel pump, fuel filter and a starter solenoid. And put everything in checked the fuel pump relay and that's working but my fuel pump won't kick on. But I never did switch out to wires that came with the new fuel pump.


@dat1hp do you hear the fuel pump humm when you turn on the ignition . if not and you installed the new pump check your relays to see if there working as well as any fuses that may be in the mix sounds like its not getting power if theres no humm


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Is there any clicking that indicates that the starter motor is turning or is it dead silent? If it is dead silent, then you may want to have a technician inspect/replace the starter motor brushes. If there is the starter motor clicking, your battery may be dead.


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