Can I replace broken glass screen with just a screen protector?

My display and touch are in perfect condition. Just the glass is broken on my phone.

What is the purpose of the glass? Can i just use heat, alcohol,... to remove the glass from the front without any dis-assembly and slap on a screen protector? Is the glass necessary?

Update (09/28/2015)

Just want to add, yup, it broke horribly when trying to remove the screen to take off just glass. The glass is what keeps everything good, once its broken, removing screen is pretty much a one way operation,...

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ibrokeit, to protect the digitizer and to make it useful. I am certain that you will break the digitizer by trying to remove all of the glass. Just remove the larger pieces and place the screen protector over it. Eventually you will have to replace it anyway:-) and when you do, use this guide


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Does that mean with the glass to spread load, my touch would damage the digitizer?

I just need it to last through next year. I can slap a glass protector on it and a plastic on top of that?

No one does that because they get bubbles and dirt from sides maybe?

My N5 is gonna get force expired anyway as this is 2nd and last update it gets from Google. Rather stretch it so i get my 3 years of service...


Well, keep the screen protector nice and snug. Your digitizer is not thick enough to tolerate a lot of direct contact etc :just remember that your Nexus is on borrowed time:-)


How or ware can I replace the front glass on my cell phone?


When just repairing the glass screen won't it enterfear withdata



Louterry Ochoa the where will depend on where you are located. You can do it by yourself by following this guide. Nexus 5 LCD Screen & Digitizer Assembly Replacement

No, it will not interfere with your data.




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