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The 'double memory card slot cover is missing, what can I do?

I have a Canon XA10 HD Camcorder, and I have lost the 'double memory card slot cover' that protects the memory card holders. Its just a clear plastic cover, and it doesn't seem very important, but the camcorder doesn't work without it!

Can I buy a replacement somewhere? or is there a way to make the camcorder work without the slot cover?

Thanks for your help!

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Don't know if there is a way to make it work without, but there are two, very small, lever switch sensors on the sliding door tray that tell the camera that the door is open or closed. If you can't find a proper door to replace with, you may be able to find a way to mimic the closed door by adding a dot of hot glue or tape or something to keep them in the closed position.

You'll need to take the camera apart to reach the sensors. Start with the bottom plate, then the right side, then top, then left side where the sliding door tray is located.

Hope that helps.


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