Replaced laser still only reading cds, not games

Got a scph-79001 ps2 system off Ebay, checked it out and it would only read cds. Figured it needed a new laser, got one off Ebay, actually bought 3, good price. Anyway, installed laser after de-soldering the Anti static guard....and the PS2 still will only read discs. Tried adjusting CD/DVD screws, no help. Removed this one and tried another one, same thing, tried it a 3rd time, still the same. Can anyone tell me, am I doing something wrong?? The lasers I got were LASER LENS PVR-802W KHS-430 For PS2 Slim Line. One guy told me that those were incorrect, but he couldn't tell me which one worked and to look it up online, and when I did, I still came up with this same laser. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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